A Terminal Event


We strive to provide the most memorable dj services in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.


Apartment Events

Planning a special event at your property is a great way to instill a sense of community within the apartment complex. Hosting a holiday or summer pool party is a great cost-effective way to have your residents get to know each other, and have prospective residents come to view your property. Current residents will come to enjoy living in a community where they know their neighbors, and potential residents will wish they were a part of your properties vibrant culture. Hosting a special event at your property is a great way to increase and maintain high occupency levels.

We understand planning your event takes a great deal of work. Our job is to play the music you want to hear all night, announce your special events that occur, and to create a tasteful and memborable experience for your residents. We don't tell jokes, teach dances, or make your residents do embarrasing things.

We look forward to the opportunity to entertain your current and potential residents at your:

  • Holiday Party
  • Pool Party
  • Resident Wine Tasting
  • Employee Appreciation Party